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JOB  SEX CHAT - How to earn on SexChat ?

After registration and login, everything is beautifully written and explained in Czech. The chat has a lot of Czech girls who work here and there is no shortage of visitors. Live Chat is fun and earns money. Live Chat is in no way a filming of erotica, porn or anything similar that people who don't know what it's actually about imagine.

Job description of a chat model

Live chat models stream auto-erotic shows via webcam to paying viewers from around the world. The model regularly broadcasts her erotic show on the chosen chat, builds her name and a fan club of loyal customers. Similar principles to building a successful YouTube channel. Apart from the content, the difference is also in the form of monetization. Here is an overview of the ways models are compensated for working on live chat. Live chat is primarily erotic entertainment. The task of the models is to impress, to be as sexy as possible, to increase the sexual excitement in their room and to arouse a feeling of irresistibility in the audience. Most live shows start on a bed in sexy lingerie. The model lets her strengths stand out, shows her appetite for sex and what else can be done for money. Chat room work involves nudity, auto-eroticism and, in the case of couples, live sex.

How to make money on the Internet LiveChat

There are several ways in which viewers pay models for their performances. Money from viewers can serve as motivation, reward.

Jobs and earnings on SexChat

The beginnings are always difficult, but it is worth persevering

It didn't work for me and I will attach all my experiences with livechat. I've been working in America for about 3 years and I'm very satisfied. I work for myself from home and in 100 hours a month I earn approx. from 60 to 80 thousand + sperky and other gifts. As Bruce writes, many times it's not about sex at all, I'm even often not online and I get an email that someone sent me money. He just had a successful day and remembered me.  

On the other hand, these are erotic chats, so you have to be careful with some virtual sex . Even friends can be nice pigs, and usually the poorer the client, the more depraved the demands. Whatever I do, I don't do it.

There are many SexChats , they differ in terms, commissions, focus, etc. Everyone likes something different, they want to try it. Of course, it is possible to work on several chats at once.

You don't need any special equipment or super internet, as I learned somewhere here. Today, everyone streams from home, and not only on erotic live chats.

If you have no idea, find a reliable studio that will explain everything to you. It will save you a lot of time.

I earn the most from free chats through tips , there are hundreds of guests for free, but you have to drag a few of them into the show and then they pay decently. It is significantly more profitable than waiting for someone to pay you to a private show. That's my experience.

I've been working on the chats for many years, so I'll try to add a few observations to the last contributions

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